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Oceangoing Vessels

Van der Velden Marine Systems B.V. is dedicated to the specific needs of all types of Oceangoing Vessels. Our activities in the Oceangoing Vessels market include the engineering, construction and installation of manoeuvring systems. We are specialised in customised solutions with regard to complete manoeuvring packages, including rudders, rudder trunks, streamline bodies, steering gear and nozzles.

This page gives an overview of the product portfolio for the market of Oceangoing Vessels. A click on a each picture will show you more detailed information about the specific product. Also some related products will appear.


TIMON Rudder

Van der Velden® ATLANTIC Rudder

Van der Velden ART™ Technology

BARKE® Rudder

Van der Velden® MASTER Rudder

ESPAC™ (Energy Saving Package)

Steering Gear

COMMANDER™ Ram-Type Steering Gear

COMMANDER™ Rotary Vane Steering Gear

BARKE Optimised Steering System