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Van der Velden® ATLANTIC Rudder

The Van der Velden® ATLANTIC rudder is an ultra-reliable conventional rudder which ensures superb course-keeping on long ocean crossings. Its proven hydrodynamic profile can be adapted to suit specific vessel requirements, such as when noise levels or cavitation needs reducing. The absence of moving parts significantly increases the rudder's lifespan and the Van der Velden® ATLANTIC rudder is also known for its low drag and low vibration.
The rudder can be delivered with Van der Velden's innovative Asymmetric Rudder Technology.


  • No moving parts
  • Robust and simple design
  • Low drag and low vibration
  • Less prone to cavitation
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Excellent course-keeping performance
  • 35º up to 50º rudder angle


Small workboats, yachts, superyachts, long distance sailing and giant container vessels for which course-keeping has the highest priority.