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TIMON Rudder

The TIMON high lift flap rudder has a slide-bar flap linkage mechanism and is the perfect solution if you require excellent manoeuvring performance.
The rudder profile is based on the well-known HSVA and NACA profiles and is very suitable for medium-speed and fast vessels requiring a high manoeuvring performance. The TIMON has earned a strong reputation on various types of vessels.
The slim profile design ensures that drag is low. A quick service device on the flap linkage means that you never have to be concerned about lengthy downtimes.
The TIMON rudder can be delivered with Van der Velden's innovative Asymmetric Rudder Technology.


  • Slim profile
  • Easy maintenance
  • Excellent manoeuvring performance
  • Designed for quick serviceability
  • Sea-resistant and self-lubricating bearings
  • No cavitation erosion
  • 45º rudder angle, 90º flap angle


Fast and medium-speed vessels requiring high manoeuvring performance: Ro-Pax ferries, mega feeders, multi-purpose vessels, offshore supply vessels, ships which call in port often during a relatively short time and yachts up to about 50 metres.