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Ship Rudders

Van der Velden Marine Systems B.V. has been trusted by customers for more than 50 years to provide superior steering installations and propulsion systems for inland waterways, superyachts and oceangoing vessels. We are known as leaders in a wide range of products, including ship rudders, steering gear and propellers.

Each project is assessed and a solution is specifically designed to fit the individual vessel. A team of expert engineers, headed by a single project coordinator, is assigned to every project. The team develops an integrated manoeuvring system which is adapted to the given environment. The arrangement consists of the ship rudder and the steering gear, and combines propulsion and steering into a complete system.

A Van der Velden ship rudder performs beyond industry standards when it comes to manoeuvrability, efficiency, safety and reliability. A ship rudder must be able to keep a steady course with ease and deliver excellent manoeuvrability. The rudders are designed to reduce noise and vibrations and show little cavitation.


Van der Velden Marine System B.V. provides a rudder solution for each type of vessel. The portfolio includes:  

  • BARKE® Rudder – sophisticated flap-type design for ultimate manoeuvring and course-keeping with maximum operational comfort
  • TIMON rudder – excellent manoeuvring and course-keeping performance for ships that call in port several times in a relatively short time 
  • Asymmetric Rudder Technology (ART ™) - especially suitable when more speed or more comfort is important
  • Van der Velden® DOLPHIN XR Rudder – especially developed for optimal propulsion efficiency in combination with first-class manoeuvring characteristics
  • Van der Velden® HD Profile Rudder – asymmetrical hydrodynamic profile, high efficiency rudders for inland shipping

Van der Velden Marine Systems B.V. offers an unrivaled worldwide 24/7 service network to ensure that any problem can be dealt with promptly to minimise costly downtimes.

Safety is a priority. Ship rudder damage can cause accidents and Van der Velden has developed an industry-leading “Safety Inspection System”  for inland vessels to help prevent problems.

Every Van der Velden ship rudder is guaranteed to be reliable and on the forefront of innovative marine technology. The custom designs are constructed, installed and maintained by in-house experts.