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Van Der Velden Marine Systems B.V. for complete manoeuvring systems

Finding the right company to provide and install rudders, steering gear and propulsion systems is really important. For these kind of systems you want someone who has been in the business of providing excellent service and superior products for years now. In this case, one company meets the criteria. A business that prides itself for more than 50 years of outstanding service is Van der Velden Marine Systems B.V. 

If you are looking for a company that could provide you with a complete propulsion system, Van der Velden Marine Systems B.V. is a worthy candidate. With all its years of experience in installation and maintenance, this company can surely provide you the kind of service that you are looking for. They offer nothing but state-of-the-art equipment. Ease in manoevrability is guaranteed with Van der Velden Marine Systems B.V. They provide all the necessary parts for a complete manoeuvring system, from rudders to steering gear and hydraulics.

Van der Velden Marine Systems B.V. is a truly reliable company. You can expect round-the-clock service and you do not have to worry about encountering any problems with the ship's manoeuvring and propulsion system. This company will provide you with engineering, installation, maintenance and construction services anytime you need them. In addition, Van der Velden is a company that you can rely on for any kind of operation. The company is specialised in the design and manufacturing of top quality systems for inland shipping, superyachts and oceangoing vessels.

Your vessel deserves a custom solution for its manoeuvring system, whether that be for a new build or a refit. Van der Velden offers complete systems and packages including rudders, steering gear, nozzles, propellers, control panels and hydrospoilers. Van der Velden systems and products are designed and manufactured to meet the strictest requirements in the field of safety and quality. The company has an excellent reputation when it comes to service, maintenance and repairs. Preventive maintenance to avoid possible malfunctions plays an important role.