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Van der Velden BARKE® high-lift flap rudders installed in new U.S. TSHD “Magdalen”


Efficient Seas mean Smooth Sailing!

Van der Velden Marine Systems (VDVMS), in conjunction with Ships Machinery International, Inc. (SMI) is pleased to announce the launching of a new state-of-the-art Jones Act Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger (TSHD) with BARKE® high-lift flap rudders for service in the U.S.A. The rudders will work in combination with a Royal IHC Dynamic Positioning and Dredge Tracking System on board the vessel, which is owned and operated by Weeks Marine.

VDVMS has a long history with Royal IHC. Over decades the two companies have worked together, constantly improving the technology available for Royal IHC’s vessels. Dredgers have requirements for precise steering while manoeuvring at very slow speed as well as accurate and efficient course keeping when not in dredging mode. VDVMS provides the most effective rudder design for this type of vessel. This TSHD will have enhanced manoeuvrability and excellent course keeping stability. The efficiency provided by this technologically advanced rudder solution will result in significant savings over the life of the vessel.

“The launching of our new vessel marks an important milestone for Weeks Marine,” Hans Blomberg, Technical Manager for Weeks said in a statement.  “The independently operated Van der Velden BARKE® rudders in combination with Royal IHC’s Dynamic Positioning and Dredge Tracking System, will allow the vessel to be highly maneuverable not only during the dredging cycle but also for station keeping while connected to the shore delivery system.”

This modern TSHD, named Magdalen, is 108.5 meters breadth of 24.24 meters and a moulded depth of 8.31 meters. The dredger features efficient, clean-burning engines and state-of-the-art frequency drives to power the vessel’s pumps, jetting and other electrically driven systems. The Magdalen has twin GE 16V250 main engines producing 5,685hp each, and a GE 6L250 auxiliary engine producing 2,009hp.  Two 3,400kW shaft generators and a 1,500 kW auxiliary generator make up the ship’s primary power generation plant. In addition, the vessel is also equipped with a Caterpillar C18 emergency/harbor generator that produces 425 kW. The Magdalen is outfitted with a 730 kW fixed pitch tunnel thruster unit.

“This vessel will reward the owners with high operating efficiency over its lifetime thanks to the selection of the BARKE® rudder,” said Arthur Dewey, Vice President of SMI. “A dredger that is able to maintain precision position during operations will be easier to operate and will be a highly productive asset for its owners. We congratulate Weeks Marine for their wise selection!” The Barke rudder in this vessel is the foundation of an exceptional manoeuvring system consisting of two independently controlled and operated hydrodynamic Van der Velden BARKE® rudders. Independent Proportional Steering is another key feature which will allow the rudders to be actuated either independently or synchronized. VDVMS hydraulics are state-of-the-art compact packages which are part of the turnkey system. VDVMS is one of very few rudder manufacturers that offer a complete system inclusive of all hydraulics and controls.  When you buy your rudders from VDVMS your manoeuvring problems are solved by turnkey solutions provided by world renowned experts with years of experience

VDVMS provides complete engineering support to facilitate the installation of these rudders into a hull and works closely with the designer and shipyard to assure a smooth transition from initial design to final installation.

Enhanced manoeuvring performance

The BARKE® rudder is built with an innovative and sophisticated progressive high lift design. The progressively operating flap linkage system is contained in a fully enclosed, grease-lubricated BARKE® housing. This results in minimum wear on the linkage components and eliminates the problems caused by contact with floating objects.

Transfer of ownership before the end of 2017

The dredger Magdalen (hull 256), under construction at Eastern Shipbuilding Group, Panama City, Florida, will be handed over to its owner Weeks Marine before the end of this year.

  The best of both worlds: Enhanced performance and lower fuel consumption